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Post Production Preparations

April 13, 2013 by Andrew Kettle   

I have now arranged all the sound into there corresponding folders and transferred them to my PC. The sounds have been backed up 3 times on different devices to prevent losing any audio. These audio files have been given to Amy, who is our editor. She will arrange the syncing of the dialogue to the picture before it is passed back to us for sound design and mixing. Once I have received the dialogue edit, i will go through each dialogue take and replace them with the best quality audio file that was recorded on location. Whilst on location recording i made a note of each sound file and its corresponding shot number. This meant that when it came to the post production stage it would be easy to locate the correct sounds for each scene and filter out the good takes from the bad. I have added some examples of audio from our location shoot below as an example to what quality of sound we are working with. Overall, the quality of the audio is very high with good clarity.

Link to the Sound Log Sheets (The Scenes with no audio reference in them had no on shoot dialogue)

April Audio Test (Boom over April)

Issac Audio Test (Boom over Issac)


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