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Second Studio Session

April 27, 2013 by Andrew Kettle   

As ADR was finished last week we can now move onto the foley and atmospheres for ‘April’. The foley recording went really well with brilliant progress. We had no problems in regards to recording our foley sounds, however the MAC was a little temperamental at times with hardware issues. A few restarts and everything back to normal. We went through the film spotting the foley points prior to beginning to record the sounds. This meant we could work down the list of foley and know exactly at what time and scene each part of foley was needed. In the foley recording process we covered all areas of foley for example, clothes movement, footsteps, light switches glasses etc.

After completing foley recording, we moved onto the atmospheres for each scene. Whilst location recording we gathered room tones for each recording location. This meant when we are mixing we can use it to fill in the parts of digital silence during sections of dialogue. As well as using the room tones for atmopsheres, we used several library sourced atmospheres for ambience in the bar scene and restaurant scene for example. We noticed that using certain atmospheres in some scenes can create the feel of the time of day the film is set in. This is used for example in scene 6 of ‘April’. The scene is set in the morning as the couple Issac and April wake up. To portray to the audience that the scene is set at this time. Birds are added low in mix to resemble early morning bird calls. The atmosphere used is posted below.


Birds and morning atmosphere


Foley Recording



Foley and Atmosphere Recording


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