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Third Studio Session

May 4, 2013 by Andrew Kettle   

We have finished our third studio session. The aim for today’s session was to finalise any foley and atmospheres that we had decided to alter or change and source and insert the music into the film. After watching the film over again we noticed parts where more foley and atmospheres were needed to add realism to the visuals. We decided to add in some off screen sounds which created a more realistic ambience to the picture. The off screen sounds were for example, keys being put down, computer keyboard typing and various coffee machine sounds.

To source the music for ‘April’ we had to use copyright free music. This was due to licencing issues in using copyright recorded music in our film. To search for this music we used Creative Commons which sources music in the public domain. We wanted to keep the emotion strong within the film music which narrowed down what genres of music to search for. Apart from the bar scene and the cafe nero scene, the music present has been selected in terms of instrumentation and genre to fit with the visuals correctly. For example, during the couples break up a sad piano track plays which enhances the emotion of sadness. An example of the music track is posted below.

Piano music track

An example of a music track which we chose not to use is posted below. This track was going to be in the restaurant scene. We decided not to use this track because we all thought it sounded to comical for the narrative behind the scene. The scene is showing how April and Issac are having their anniversary meal in a restaurant.

Example of a music track not used in the restaurant scene

Two of the tracks which were used in ‘April’ were composed by a musician who is a friend of mine. He gave us permission to use his music because it would also increase his own exposure by having his tracks included in a film production.

Music List

The music was the most difficult to add to the film. This was because it was difficult to keep the emotion behind each scene without making the music too loud. The sound has been placed quieter in certain scenes to act as if the sound is being emitted from within the location, and not music over the top of the visuals. This was done by using reverb sends on the music tracks to make them sound distant and lower in the mix.


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