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Fourth Studio Session

May 5, 2013 by Andrew Kettle   

In the fourth studio session we went back over the whole movie from start to finish. We did this to analyse all the sound that had been inserted into the film and checked to see whether it was all in sync. We noticed when watching it back that some dialogue tracks did not sit well with other tracks in some scenes due to slight syncing issues to the pronunciation of words. To resolve this we swapped the audio file for another take which was recorded with a slightly different pronunciation. This made the audio sit better with the visuals. Due to time restrictions in the sound theater and booking complications, the last studio session was much shorter than the others. For the remainder of studio time we kept doing checks over each scene to correct any problems and began to mix the levels for each of the tracks. This session was not as productive as our previous sessions due to time restrictions. This has impacted in the scheduled timescale plan we set ourselves to meet for each week, which backlogs us for the next session.


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