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Cafe Nero Shoot Finished

April 3, 2013 by Andrew Kettle   

The final shoot with dialogue has finished! Today we filmed at Cafe Nero in Lincoln. This shoot consisted of filming our two main actors chatting over coffee. Immediately after arriving we knew it was going to be a difficult shoot due to the location. The position in where we recording in the Cafe was very inconvenient for us. There was a speaker which was playing music that was located directly above where we were shooting. Due to it being a cafe we could not have it turned off as it was open for the public. There was people talking, cups rattling and the coffee machines obviously being used constantly. Another problem we had was we were told to position ourselves at the back of the cafe. This conflicted with the entrance to the bathrooms, which were always being used. This means that most of the dialogue we collected was unclear and had horrible background noise behind it. This means we will have to ADR some of the dialogue in the studio to make sure there is a consistency with the dialogue throughout the film. Getting the room tones were simple as there was a lot going on in the cafe to obtain a realistic sound. This shoot could of been much better but due to the location, a lot could not be helped without interrupting with the business working day.




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